Bacalhau has a strong tradition in Brazil, and the product has been exported from Norway to Brazil more than 200 years. Brazil is the 5th largest country in the world and the consummation of dried salted fish varies from north to south with its over 200 million inhabitants. Because of the variety of origins from north to south, their traditions are very different, and their recipes of preparing the bacalhau different as well. The consummation of Bacalhau have always been very good for Christmas and Easter.

In terms of Bacalhau, Brazil consists of many different markets, importing as follows: 

North Brazil, Minas Gerais, Rio de Janeiro: Saithe and Morhua.

Espirito Santo: Saithe.

São Paulo: All types and sizes of Bacalhau, and a lot of Morhua for the restaurant segment.


This is a market that treats all the fish before sales presentation in the shop, meaning that they use to take all skin and bone out of the fish and present the fish in various cuts. Because of all this preparation of the fish before it is offered to the final consumer, Mexico is normally making their importations earlier in the season then other markets. The sales to the Mexican market have been stable from year to year, and import annually about 1.600 MT of dried salted Ling and Cod from Norway.

Brazil Bacalhau
Brazil Bacalhau
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Brazil Bacalhau

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