Portugal is the biggest market in the world for import and consume of dried salted cod. About 23.000 MT of cod is shipped annually from Norway to this Bacalhau-loving country. The Portuguese is probably the very best in treating and making the dried salted cod, and it is said that they have invented over 1000 delicious recipes of Bacalhau. They even have an old saying that 'a Portuguese housewife has to know 365 recipes of Bacalhau to get married'. A Portuguese codfish meal is always prepared from the genuine Cod, very often a nice lombo of Cod, prepared in the oven with good olive oil and assorted vegetables. Portuguese wine will accompany the meal in a fantastic way. Norwegian Bacalhau is served in almost all Portuguese restaurants. If you want to learn how to prepare a good codfish then go to Portugal, and the further north you go, the more tradition you will find! Bom apetite!


Italians have a long tradition in preparing and consuming Norwegian Codfish. Whether dried salted cod, salted cod or dried cod (Stockfish), they know how to prepare it. The Italians even have a special way of preparing salted filets of Cod, Ling and Brosme too,  accompanied with good Italian wines. The annual import of dried salted/salted cod is about 3,8 MT from Norway.  



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